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How to design your interior?

gotova super razvucena

You have a lots of ideas how to arrange your living space, but you are not sure where to start ?

If you are still not sure which style you like the most, even hesitate out of fear not to make a mistake.

There is no need to worry.

Visit us at salon NovaAmbienta and with our top designers, realize a vision of your own interior.

As part of the "interior design project" service, at one place we are offering : consultation with the designer,a concept design, 3D proposals, as well as all phases of the project on the principle "key in hand“.

With high quality services, materials by the latest world standards and affordable prices, put trust in our hands and with our designers, realize all your ideas, from the project to the ideal interior.

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The "Sarajevo 4 Wall" Fair

NovaAmbienta has been presented at the first regional furniture, interior and exterior design, technique and supporting industry fair. The "Sarajevo 4 Wall" Fair was organized at the Zetra Olympic Hall from 14 to 16 April 2017.

Over 40 renowned companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region have exhibited their products in the field of interior design and the home exterior.

NovaAmbienta have introduced modern designed products that will be produced in the very near future.


See photos below

The interior of the residential units at Ilidza



We present you one part of the interior design of the implemented project of 50 luxury apartments in a residential building at Ilidza in realization of NovaAmbienta

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Jewelery shop Celje and NovaAmbienta

Jewelery shop Celje, a renowned shop with 170 years of tradition in design of top jewelry , entrusted us the realization of their interior design within the reconstructed Super Konzum shopping center in Sarajevo.

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SYL and NovaAmbienta

NovaAmbienta had the honor to design and realize the first booth for the famous Swiss brand SAL Y LIMON in the Balkan.

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